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"Sara is a very thorough and detailed-oriented Producer with a genuine desire to bring value to her role at TikTok. Her sincerity is apparent in everything she does here. Her drive to push herself and learn new skills, with no fear, is really inspiring."

Neil Boorman, Head of Creative Lab Europe


"Quick on her feet and extremely organised, Sara is like a breath of fresh air to work with in what can be a very rigid production world. Her ability to solve problems, explore new options and deliver at a very high standard, all while keeping those around her motivated and positive is a huge asset to the creative teams, production houses and clients a like.

Sara puts in her all on every single project, and gives the same amount of professionalism and hard work on the smaller-with-no-money projects as she does on the big budget international ones. With the production world changing as we watch budgets shrink and turnaround times shorten, Sara is exactly the kind of reactive and proactive producer that we need leading the way."

Lauren Haberfield, Associate Creative Director

McCann Paris


"J’ai eu le plaisir de travailler avec Sara au sein de l’agence Young & Rubicam. J’ai particulièrement apprécié sa capacité à jongler sur différents projets et à gérer la connexion entre les différents services en faisant preuve d’une bonne organisation et d’une bonne humeur constante. Riche de propositions, elle peut trouver des solutions de production pour répondre aussi bien à des enjeux créatifs que financiers. Enfin, son parfait bilinguisme est un atout de taille sur un budget international."

Laetitia Kerhos, Senior Art Director

VMLY&R Paris

"Whip smart with wizard-like organizational skills, Sara bridges conceptual communication between clients, accounts, creatives, and producers with fluency, intelligence and an ever compassionate composure. Now, multiply this fluency with her being a true bilingual, and she's bridging gaps between the English and French languages and cultures for all parties as well."

Jennie Souiade, Art Director

McCann Paris


"I have worked with Sara on challenging global TV projects involving 40-60 markets and 3rd party licensing partnerships.

Sara ensured timely delivery of all materials required, always found ways to make exceptions work for last minute required changes and with all of that always remained positive and great to work with. She is a great agency partner to have."

Janet Calgan, Marketing Manager

Nestlé Cereal Partners Worldwide

"Sara has always been a patient and good mentor to me. Using nimbly her managing abilities, she created a nice and respectful atmosphere so learning and working was never boring. Sara also has a strong and agreeable personality, full of values."

Anne-Laure Cottereau, Account Management

McCann Paris


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