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Excuse #3 Ça fait débander

Conseil #1 En parler avec ton partenaire

INPES Sex Education


The INPES (French Institute for the Prevention and Education of Health) called on us to transform their text heavy website into dynamic educational content for young people. 


A serious and surprising series written on 2 themes: "12 bad reasons not to wear a condom" and "5 pieces of advice for your first time".  Shot with comic actors, filmed on a white background, stylish graphics and sound design. The perfect measure for dynamic, gripping and informative content.


My Role: Producer

Director: Romain Vaudaux

Writer: Stephane Moussin

Cast: Eléonore Costes & Gaël Cottat

Production House: Pikel

Agency: McCann Paris

© 2024 by Sara Woodcock

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