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Sara Woodcock Brand Content Producer

Risk Management of Productions

(Feb 2022 - Feb 2027)

Credential ID FPCKUDF

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Who I am, really?

I’m an English girl, living in France, and loving it.  No, really. 

I’m a practical optimist who believes that if there’s a problem, then there’s also got to be a solution, and that I’ll make it my job to find it.

What is it I do?

I spend my days – and often my evenings – balancing strategy with real-world execution. I make sure that: 

- Creative talents can produce work of which they are truly proud.

- Brands get the campaigns they require, on time, on spec, and within budget.

- Agencies can deliver all of the above.

Fuelling the philosophy "Don't Make Ads, Make TikToks" I now Produce brand campaigns for the Creative Lab at TikTok in Paris.

© 2024 by Sara Woodcock

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